Home Theater Systems

You may have the best and the biggest television
screen with a great resolution, even then you will not be able to enjoy the
perfect experience if you do not have the right sound. Some TVs do come with
built-in speakers that offer a decent punch, but if you are amongst those who want
an amazing experience every time then you need to invest in a home theater
system. Now, the market is replete with choices, but some of them are average,
some great, and some below average, but to enjoy the best experience you need
the best system. The question surely running in your mind is what are some of
the best home theater systems? Do not worry, as we shall answer your question
right away.

  1. Yamaha NS-SP1800BL Home Theater
    System – Best Overall

The NS-SP1800BL is an amazing home theater system
with 5.1 channel surround sound. It has four 2-way satellite speakers with half
inch tweeter, and 2.5-inch woofer, and also a 2-way central speaker with half
inch tweeter, 8-inch 100W high powered cube subwoofer, and dual 2.5-inch
woofer. Each of the speakers has been shielded magnetically and you can connect
this to your surround sound amplifier with the help of a spring clip. This
Yamaha home theater system offers great rich, life-like and full sound with
detailed midrange and crisp highs. Listening to music through this system will
make you feel as if you are present live in a concert hall.

  1. The VIZIO SB3851 5.1 Channel
    System – Best for TV

If you are looking for the best home theater
system for your TV then your search ends with VIZIO SB3851. It is a 5.1 surround
sound system and has one 38-inch sound bar with a center, right, and left
channels, and also 2 rear satellite speakers that help you enjoy the perfect
surround sound effect. This home theater system’s surround sound speakers
produce an amazing 100 dB of perfectly clear sound with less than 1%
distortion. It even has a built-in Bluetooth connection using which you can
stream music from any of your wireless music gadgets.

  1. Klipsch HD 300 System – Best Budget

For those who are on a budget and yet want
a good home theater system, Klipsch HD 300 will make a perfect choice. It has 4
black high gloss speakers with 2.5-inch IMG heavy-duty woofer, 0.5-inch textile
tweeter, and one center channel speaker that allows you to enjoy great
cinematic effect and clear dialog. The speakers are known for offering great
volume output, lifelike sound, high efficiency with less distortion even at the
highest volumes.

  1. Monoprice Premium 5.1 System – Most
    Well Balanced

The Monoprice 5.1 home theater system
offers a perfect balance between design, quality, and price. It has the ideal
combination of good looks, compact size, great sound, and all this is available
at a reasonable price. This 5.1 system has a single center speaker and 4
satellite speakers. The speakers have a stereo line and spring-loaded terminals
and speaker level inputs to make setting it up easy. The Monoprice Premium 5.1
home theater system is better than many other expensive systems in the market
and makes sure you enjoy crisp and high-quality sound every time you use it.

These are the some of the best home theater
systems available in the market. Each of them is good in their own ways. You
just need to first decide what exactly your requirements are, then go through the
feature list of these speakers, and then make a decision.

Must Haves for Your System

Entertainment theaters are a great way to relax after a tiring day. With today’s busy life, it can be hard to go to a theater. People are left with little or no time to visit such places. Does that mean you do not have to relax? No. Things have been simplified where you can relax in the comfort of your home. A home theater can allow you to get the experience of visiting a movie theater. You no longer need to queue for long for tickets. You can bring the fun to your home.

All you need is a budget for the equipment and space. The components that make a home theater work together to give you a complete visual and auditory movie experience. So, what are some must haves for your home theater system?

A home theater starts with a high-quality display. You can go for a flat-screen TV or a projector and inbuilt screen. Using a projector and a built-in screen can be good if you have a dedicated room for the theater. If the space you choose has other purposes, go for a removable screen. You can even go for one that you can raise or lower. Ensure the display you choose is proportional to the room. The larger the room the larger the display should be.

Video Source
You will need a source for your videos or audios. You can choose a DVD player or a laserdisc to fill in this purpose. The source should be the high-quality format.

No matter how a video can be, if it does not have the sound, you will not enjoy it. That is if you are not deaf. You will therefore need a sound system for your home theater system. The choice of speakers will determine the experience you get. Check speaker quality before buying. Ensure the speakers produces crisp sound. A good home theater has a minimum of four speakers. This will give you a good theater experience while in the comfort of your home.

Seating is another important component of a home theater system. For an excellent viewing experience, ensure you have comfortable seats. Even if the above components are top-notch, your home theater will not be complete without a comfortable seating.

To ensure everything works, you will require integration. It may include connectivity options like USB, Bluetooth, among others. House automation falls into this category. The security system of your home theater is also under integration. Integration will take into account everything else you need to ensure the above components run smoothly.

The above are some must haves for your home theater system. Other add-ons will depend on your viewing experience. A home theater is something to be proud of. It will help you avoid the trouble of driving after a movie. With a home theater, you will just slide to your bed. Furthermore, you can enjoy your favorite movie as many times as you want. There are no restrictions. Watch any time of the day you want. Use the above guide to get yourself a home theater. You will enjoy the experience of your local theater at the comfort of your home.




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Choosing the Best Room

Watching blockbuster movies on a big screen is an excellent way to relax after a long and stressful week. You always have an option to visit movie houses, but this public space might get on your nerves. Imagine yourself clutched to your seat while waiting for the big scene to unfold. Just then, people seated behind you start talking aloud. You try hushing them, but they kept on telling without any consideration for other people inside the cinema.

Does this scenario sound like a big bummer? If you do not want to experience this, you can always choose to buy or rent your favorite movie, and watch it inside the privacy of your home. However, film viewing inside your house would seem more exciting and thrilling once you consider building your very own home theater. There is no essence to acquire expensive significant renovations because you can always convert one of your extra rooms into a home theater. If this suggestion sounds appealing to you, here are some steps that you should do.

Constructing a vivid image of a design

Before buying materials for your built-in theater, you should have a bright idea of what it would look like first. Decide on the primary purpose of the room. Would it be dedicated to film viewing with some family and friends, or would it also serve as a multipurpose media room?

Next, draft a plan of how its entire space ca. Think of adding extra beanbags for kids, or a comfortable carpet that would serve as a play area for children. Imagine the different gadgets that you could add inside the room. Think about adding a karaoke machine, or various gaming gadgets for your maximum entertainment. You can even add a bar inside it, where you and your friends can sip on cocktails and martinis while listening to your favorite songs.

Purchasing the needed materials

Now that you have a clear-cut plan, you can already proceed to purchase furniture and devices for your home theater. Put surround sound speakers and a flat screen television on the top of your list. Look for high-quality tools that would last for a long time to prevent troubling needs for expensive repairs and replacements. Double-check the wires and cables that you bought, and make sure that no compatibility issues would arise during installation.

After buying television and some speakers, you can also purchase the materials for the sitting room. Choose between investing on elevated bleachers and purchasing comfortable couches for intimate gatherings. Look for different accessories that can add more beauty inside the room.

Connecting those cables and wires

If there are no problems with the cables and wires that you purchased, you can already hire a technician to do the wiring tasks. Think twice before connecting those wires on your own. Keep in mind that you can decrease more chances of accidents if a qualified technician does this job for you.

Performing final additions

Lastly, you can already paint its walls and add carpets and drapes. Choose a dark color for its walls to avoid reflecting too much light inside the movie area. Add thick curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the room during daytime viewing. Lastly, do not forget to choose thick carpets as well, because this will absorb some of the sounds that your speakers will produce.

These steps are only some of the ways to change your dull spare room into a luxurious home theater. Consider these things to experience maximum pleasure from your favorite films.


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